CtC Token

The CtC token is a token used for a new ATM machine developed independently by CtC. CtC is pronounced C to C, its used to signify the connection of Coin and Coin, and Consumer and Company. The ATM developed by CtC is a new type of ATM that uses CtC tokens secured with block chain technology, and has the potential to greatly change daily travel and shopping.

It is an ATM system coupled with a mobile application with dynamic idea that can change coins and bills that are no longer used from international travels, daily shopping, investments and virtual currency and can also promote communication between customers and stores. CtC's ATM has the potential to change the way people invest.

The ATM developed by CtC will be fully developed in the fourth quarter of 201 and will be ready for installation in airports and retail stores around the world. Issuing tokens at CtC Cloud Sale uses the Ethereum block chains and is used for CtC marketing, branding and development of ATM using Smart Contract technology within the platform.

The CtC token is used for combining ATM with the mobile platform, promotion of ATM installation stores, incentives for installed stores, and installation of ATM using Smart Contract.

System overview:

This is a system that enables you to get CtC tokens for the amount printed on paper by depositing coins i.e.surplus ones and paper money that are no longer used in international travels, and daily shopping, into the ATM.

You can read the QR code on a paper wallet with a smartphone, transfer it to another wallet and use it at a bit coin corresponding shop. It is also possible to trade on computers by entering addresses at the sides of a smartphone.

CtC token can be used directly at af filiated stores, online shops and real stores, a system that can be converted and invested on a mobile device, such as bit coin or Ethereum. It is possible to convert surplus coins to bit coins which will keep growing in the long term and whose asset value is increasing and can form an effective distributed asset.

CtC token ecosystem

In addition to bitcoins, it can also be converted to virtual currency such as other Alternative coins such as Ethereum. CtC coins can be purchased from this ATM vending machine.The CtC coin is a payout coin and it is necessary to make it a very specialwallet in order to reach its full potential.

The CtC coin has a virtual currency wallet such as bitcoin and implements a mechanism that allows you to purchase bitcoins from various sources, like the average cost of dollar method, without having to panic with price fluctuations of bitcoins. You can generate additional coins in the long run and turn it into bitcoins with increased value or other Alternative coins and can effectively result in distributed value.

When you insert various currencies of the world into this currency exchanger, you can receive paper wallet that is similar to a banknote printed out as bitcoins for that estimated value. It is also safe because there is little risk of being hacked by storing a paper wallet.

You can read the paper wallet's QR code with a smartphone, transfer it to other wallet in a smartphone, and use it at CtC compatible stores. I t can also be used in bitcoin-compatible stores by changing to bit coins.We plan to implement a two way function that also allows you to receive cash by inserting paper wallet into the currency exchanger.

The minimum transaction amount and the mechanism of ATM

Technical features

1. Each exchange machine interlocks with the encryption currency exchange which determines the value
2. Interactivity it can be easily exchanged (both bought and sold)
3. Multi Currency Support
4. Coin Support


1. Bidding for the coin is to be introduced in 260,000 Japanese stores as the target of the first stage.
2. Create a platform for worldwide purchase.

CtC notes circulation & ATM ecosystem

Market situation

Situation of foreign currency:

Currently, the use of foreign currency when travelling overseas is low without being used in many countries. According to Japanese Nikkei and British Mirrors, Japan alone has over $ 3.1 billion in foreign currency each year and is estimated to be $ 2.3 billion in the UK. It is presumed that as many as 90 billion dollars of foreign currency are not used and are dormant throughout the world.

CtC is the first in the world for ATM machines dedicated to virtual currencies to target this foreign currency. There was an ATM machine such as Paypal before, which had convenience problems because it cannot exchange directly with crypto virtual currency. Especially its inability to exchange coins after traveling overseas. It is a big difference that CtC's ATM is also targeting this coin.


Currently, according to the ECB, 126 billion euro coins are circulated in Europe as a whole, which amounts to as much as 26 billion euros.

ECB total number of coins in circulation (black line) Source ECB

In the United States, more than half of the total volume in circulation is occupied by small banknotes of less than 20 dollars; with an outstanding af finity with small investment. A part of this coin would be changed after daily shopping. The total amount of coins issued is increasing annually. And many coins are dormant in the desk drawer or accumulated in the banks without being utilized. Despite the global trend in in flation, they are all dormant.

The future which CtC changes

The CtC's ATM coin plays a part in placing this coin on the virtual currency market. CtC's ATM is convenient to use and can be used by anyone. Anybody from adults to children can invest directly into virtual currency. The choice to
invest directlyinto foreign currency and into virtual currency is very meaningful.

CtC's business is highly socialized business

CtC leads to resuscitation of the economy by investing the foreign currencyand shopping coins that were not used until now. We propose a habit of investing coins from shopping directly by proposing a campaign to put coins into CtC.

To educate children of virtual currency

There might be many people who think it is hard to educate children with the concept of virtual currency, but it is very important to learn about it from as little as possible in order to survive in the future world. By putting the coins in ATM and repeatedly using this virtual currency, it will create a cycle where you can be excited in investing money by putting it in ATM using CtC.

Eliminate digital division

The digital division between regions currently operated by analog economies, especially in Africa, Asian countries and developed countries such as the US and Europe is getting serious. This CtC's ATM is expected to be used in many countries as a platform for both adults and children to experience the virtual currency. It is a very meaningful process for many people to recognize the virtual currency and to use it in their own life by putting coins in this ATM.

Better Communication between stores and its customers

If the coins that we casually have until now are converted in purchasing and obtaining information on customers, it will also help the stores to communicate with the customers. CtC token can obtain customer's information during
conversion to virtual currency, and can coordinate with marketing automation system provided by CtC platform.

ATM technology and development

For the development of ATM, it is necessary to separately consider the development of hardware and software.


There will be two kinds of equipments for issuing CtC notes.

One is smaller type CtC pocket. CtC pocket is the handheld size mobile printer which prints out CtC notes on demand. CtC pocket will link with smartphone such as an iphone or android app. The CtC pocket is intended to be used in small shops and convenience stores where consumers convert shopping change into CtC notes.

The other kind of device is the larger ATM machine. The ATM machine will be intended for use in airports and large shopping centers where consumer can change remaining foreign coins and notes into CtC notes.

To consider customers' usability first, we will build a design that considers trust for machines and maintenance operation. It is necessary to use multi-currencycompatible coin mechanism or highly recognizable Burberry data. We are planning to use the system of products of a third party.

We also take into consideration working with futuristic designs, famous product designers and industrial designers for the ATM cabinet. It is because it is necessary to clarify and differentiate it with the existing ATM .

The ATM system has a communication function to enable transactions in real time. Communication functions mainly use 4G, 3G, GSM, and build architecture that increases reliability even in remote countries and areas.

Reliability is important to be used in many stores and facilities. In the future we plan to use dust proof designs so that it can be used outdoors.

ATM Concept

CtC Pocket Concept

CtC Pocket Concept


By adopting an excellent development team, software mainly performs agile development. To dominate this rapidly evolving virtual currency industry, we will speed up development by modularizing and outsourcing many areas and parts.

Development of ATM internal system

The CtC token plays a role in connecting the cash such as foreign currency and coins deposited into the ATM and the external virtual currency. We plan to develop internal software development as much as possible and considering security as the first priority, the architecture will not be disclosed.

Mobile application development

The development of mobile applications is one of the backbones of CtC and plays an important role to make CtC compatible with bit coins and other alt-currencies.

Functions to be implemented in mobile applications

Mobile reading function from QR code of CtC token Purchase and distribution of Alternative coins such as bit coins from CtC Introduction and link to online stores where CtC can be used Promotion participation function of CtC member store (sign in authentication function, signout function)

The CtC coin architecture utilizes an Ethereum-based token.

ATM screen concept

CtC pocket app concept

CtC Cloud Sale Opportunity

Businesses that utilizes foreign currency and coins for shopping but are not yet prominent can expect a large income flow with just a slight market penetration. Even if you invest 0.2% only in surplus foreign currency markets from oversea travels, you can expect nearly $ 180 million in profit.

Because there is almost no competition, we can expect that the number of airports and shops where ATM can be installed will also increase. We are looking for funds to expand and build a business quickly to acquire 1% share of the foreign currency and 1% share of the coins from daily shopping.

Cooperation with other tokens

There are reasons for CtC to use an Ethereum-based token. Currently, many encryption currencies are issued on the basis of the Ethereum -based token, and it is expected to simplify cooperation with other companies in the future.

Many attractive services are coming out through block chains of Etharium's tokens and CtC's ATM and mobile platform can be said to be a very affordable system to integrate with other companies' services. Especially, Etharium has a Smart Contract function, which has many possibilities in the future for further expansion of the ATM system.

CtC login UI concept

Paper notes

CtC paper notes are printed on paper during printing from ATM. The note will incorporate the QR code for easier reading with phones and a holographic feature for protecting password.

Percentage of CtC token issuance

The total number of tokens to be issued is limited to 300 million because it is necessary to raise scarcity. In the first pre-sale, 100 million tokens are issued at 8 cents per token. In the second pre-sale, 100 million tokens will be issued at 10 cents. We will make big announcements three months ahead and plan to sell in the world market.The remaining 100 million pieces will be used for operations such as sales at ATM, sales by mobile application, mining fee, incentive for purchasing ATM stores, promotion etc.

Distribution will be issued on the total amount of CtC coins circulated on the market and registered in Wallet.

Interface language

In the initial release, the interface language is scheduled to be in English, Japanese and Chinese. In the phase after the second half of 2018, we plan to release localized machines in the future by releasing seven other languages: Russian, Spanish, French, Korean, German, Arabic, Indonesian (& Malay) .

Multi Currency

Being multi-currency compliant is the most important part of CtC's ATM development. In initial development, coin mechanism and Burberry data will correspond to 4 currencies: USD, euro, Japanese yen and Chinese Yuan. In the
later phases of 2018 and beyond, we will correspond to major currencies such as Russian ruble, British pound, Australian dollar, New Zealand dollar, UAE dirham, Korean won consecutively.

Development team

The development team of CtC is constituted of elites who have made IT business successful for nearly 20 years till now. We have a lot of experience in payment processing, distributed processing, enterprise solutions and virtual currency technology.

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