The CtC token is a token used for a new ATM machine developed independently
by CtC. CtC is pronounced C to C, its used to signify the connection of Coin and
Coin, and Consumer and Company. The ATM developed by CtC is a new type of
ATM that uses CtC tokens secured with block chain technology, and has the
potential to greatly change daily travel and shopping.

Our Concept

System Overview

This is a system that enables you to get CtC tokens for the amount printed on paper by depositing coins i.e.surplus ones and paper money that are no longer used in international travels, and daily shopping, into the ATM.

You can read the QR code on a paper wallet with a smartphone, transfer it to another wallet and use it at a bit coin corresponding shop. It is also possible to trade on computers by entering addresses at the sides of a smartphone.

CtC token can be used directly at af filiated stores, online shops and real stores, a system that can be converted and invested on a mobile device, such as bit coin or Ethereum. It is possible to convert surplus coins to bit coins which will keep growing in the long term and whose asset value is increasing and can form an effective distributed asset.

CtC token ecosystem

CtC Pocket Concept

Our Speciality


At CtC, our team’s success depends on the passion of the members of the team. Each member of our team is a specialist in his or her field and devoted his/her time and energy into interest in its field. Everybody in team is very energetic to achieve its goal.


CtC members are skilled in many ways. For development and expanding ATM networks, CtC will need different skills to achieve global expansion. The skill is not limited to technical skills, financial, legal, marketing, business, management skills are as equally as important.

Customer Driven

Since CtC provides ATM machines for new technology, it is very important to provide new ATM experience for customers. The new experience includes usability, understandability of concept, wow factors and stability. We at CtC always listen to customer and we will create the machines based on their feedback.


Q4 2017 CtC ATM, CtC Pocket Test Launch

This launch is a limited sale on CtC ATM machines and CtC pockets for participating distributors. It is for mainly testing purposes.

Q1 2018 CtC ATM, CtC Pocket Main Launch

CtC ATM and CtC pocket to be launched and aimed for several markets around the world.

Q2 2018 CtC ATM, CtC Pocket Second Version Development & Expansion

CtC ATM and CtC pocket new version will be developed and tested based on the first model. Focus on expanding to larger market. For this second version we will focus mainly on usability.

Q3 2018 CtC ATM, CtC Pocket Second Version Test Launch

This launch is a limited sale on CtC ATM machines and CtC pockets for participating distributors. It is mainly for testing purpose to find out.

Q4 2018 CtC ATM, CtC Pocket Second Version Main Launch

*The launch of ATM machines and CtC expansion depends on market acceptance and regulatory approval of new products and services.

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